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Dr. Martin Redish

Dr. Marty Redish has been an orthopedic surgeon in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 33 years. He spent the first half of his career as a general orthopedic surgeon caring for multiply injured patients at a busy level one trauma center. Since 2000 his practice has become a mostly elective one, with areas of interest in joint replacement and hand and foot surgery. In 2000 Dr. Redish was trained in minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing, a technique known as the Repicci technique. Since then he has performed more than 2500 of these procedures He has worked with Biomet and the Mako corporation (robotically guided partial knee resurfacing) as a consultant in the development of better products and surgical techniques. He was a member of the four surgeon group that developed the robotic application for lateral partial knees with the Mako corporation.

He was one of three Americans chosen to be on a 9 surgeon international group developinga fixed bearing partial knee for the Biomet corporation. Dr. Redish has worked with bioengineers to also develop tools and cutting guides to make this procedure easier for surgeons to do. Dr. Redish recently published in a peer reviewed journal a study from his own patients that showed a 94.6% retention rate 10-13 years after surgery using this technique (only about 1 in 20 partial knees had to be revised with another operation 10 years after surgery).

Indiana University Medical School

Board Certified – Orthopaedic Surgery


Parkridge Medical Center
Memorial Healthcare System, Inc.
Erlanger Medical Center