Message from Dr. Redish

I’m Marty Redish and welcome to my website. The purpose of this site is to make patients with arthritic knees and their families aware of a surgical alternative to total knee replacement called minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing (MIPKR) . By simply clicking on one or all of the videos this will give you a nice introduction to this technique.

Just watching a video may tell you all you want to know, and if you would like to see me in my office to see if you are a candidate for this surgery or just have me and my staff treat you for an arthritic knee or hip, just call my office at 423-493-5220. If you wish to learn more about partial knee resurfacing just keep reading, The story is interesting and it includes getting into the minds of orthopedic surgeons and how decisions are made that affect you, the patient. You will learn a little about the big corporations that make orthopedic implants and how that influences the products available. I will discuss the interplay between man and machine, meaning the increasing dependence of a new generation of orthopedic surgeons on technology and robotics vs. the manual skills and craftsmanship my generation has prided itself in. I will try to explain why 60-70% of the knee replacements I do are partial knees whereas only about 6 % partial knees are done nationwide, and most of these are more invasive and bone sacrificing than the surgery I perform.