Who is a candidate for MIPKR

Any patient with primarily degeneration that is either in the medial or lateral compartment of the knee may be a candidate for MIPKR

In some groups of patients it is clearly a better choice than total knee replacement, for example:

Younger patients, meaning under 60  in these patients whatever they have implanted has a good chance of having to be reoperated on in their lifetime. It makes sense to leave as much bone and ligament natural, so that any subsequent surgeries will be made easier.

Active or athletic patients. These patients will do better by retaining their ACL and leaving things natural. By having a stable and natural feeling knee it is easier to be able to walk on uneven surfaces, like doing yard work, hiking through the woods, trout fishing in streams.

Workers.  People doing factory type jobs sometimes just don’t tolerate standing on concrete all day with total knees. Also workers in their fifties or sixties cannot afford to be off work for three months.

Older patients, meaning over 75. At this age total knee replacement is a traumatic, painful episode with a long recovery. Older folks don’t really want to spend 3-6 months of the remainder of their life getting over a hazardous surgery. They also have very little chance that the partial will wear out, so they can go through a relatively safe procedure with an easy recovery and never have a total knee

The final determination must be made by the surgeon and patient together, making use of an exam and xrays. You can send in your xrays for a free screening to see if you might qualify.