I have had the honor to work with Dr. Redish on a research project that has been published in the international orthopedic peer-reviewed literature. I got to know him as an orthopedic surgeon with a deep understanding of minimally invasive knee surgery. The success of his surgeries is a combination of dexterity, deep thought, dedicated research, sharp observations, and the unwavering conviction that only tissue-sparing surgery will optimize outcomes for patients. Dr. Redish has the courage to go against the tide with his ideas, and he represents a movement within orthopedic surgery that I am convinced will become the pacesetter.

Peter Fennema
AMR Advanced Medical Research
GmbH Mannedorf, Switzerland

Dr. Redish operated on both my knees. He did Partial Knee Replacement on both knees. I’m now back to playing B-Ball in the Senior Olympics. I’m 68 and thanks to Dr. Redish, I’m running and jumping again!

David G

I was having severe knee pain and swelling due to joint degeneration and meniscus tear. Dr. Redish performed a partial knee replacement on each one of my knees. His bedside manner was great and his surgical skills gave me my knees back.

Joe C

Dr. Redish performed a medial partial knee replacement of my left knee. The procedure was successful, I no longer suffer the pain of bone against bone and I would highly recommend this physician for your bone and joint problems, he has great skill in using his hands to make people better.

Joseph R

Dr. Redish was my 2nd opinion regarding a TKR. After discussing my case and x-rays in detail with me Dr. Redish recommendation a Partial Knee Replacement. I had the PKR on July 6th, and now 6 weeks later feeling great with full mobility.

Beth G

Amazing! I tore my lateral meniscus twice in the 80’s and it degraded to a bone-on-bone situation that created a knock-kneed condition. Other doctors told me I would need a total knee replacement when I could no longer stand the pain. Dr. Redish fixed this with a Partial knee replacement 2 months ago. My leg is straight again so I have a normal gait and I’m virtually pain free! Day surgery lasted about an hour. WALKED in to next office visit a week later. Very fast recovery. Dr. Redish is a gift!

Lewis M